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Qidong city, jiangsu province, the first a-share listed companies
China metallurgical pioneer in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection equipment
The vanguard of China's nuclear power equipment industry localization
China's thermal power, petrochemical, coal chemical industry field special special valve provider of products and services

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In January 2001, jiangsu avatar valve co., LTD. Was set up.


In November 2003, the company has obtained the issued by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine "special equipment manufacturing license (pressure piping components).


In February 2004, the company has issued by the national nuclear security administration civil nuclear pressure equipment design license and the civilian nuclear pressure equipment manufacturing license.


In June 2007, approved by the ministry of commerce of jiangsu avatar valve co., LTD., the restructuring as jiangsu avatar valve co., LTD.


In October 2008, the company has been identified as high-tech enterprises.


In March 2009, the company through the law of the People's Republic of China on civil nuclear safety equipment design license "and" the civil nuclear safety equipment manufacturing license of the People's Republic of China, the renewal and expansion.


In June 2010, approved by the China securities regulatory commission, the company's first public offering of A shares and small and medium-sized enterprises board listed in shenzhen stock exchange, the price of 22 yuan per share.


In March 2011, invest 50 million yuan to set up a wholly owned subsidiary Shanghai avatar enterprise development co., LTD., in June 2011, invest 300 million yuan to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of jiangsu avatar energy equipment technology co., LTD.


In February 2012, the company through the high and new technology enterprise review.


In 2012 the company completed the patent database construction, bear the provincial intellectual property strategy propulsion project through the acceptance


Special equipment TSA1 was completed in 2013 (1), TSA1 (2), TSA2 (1) the expansion card to work


In 2013, the company's national small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund project successfully passed the acceptance, the national postdoctoral workstation project are obtained


In 2013 the company completed the ultra supercritical thermal power unit three key valve based boiler circulation line design, prototype test


In 2013, The company product LNG cryogenic fixed ball valve, butterfly valve, LNG cryogenic jacket type LNG cryogenic LNG cryogenic valve, check valve, passed the provincial new product and the identification of scientific and technological achievements


In 2014, the company's quality ISO9001, ISO10012 measurement, ISO14001 environment, occupational health and safety and GB/T28001, TS, API smoothly passed the annual review (replacement) of audit


In 2014 the company completed the civil nuclear safety equipment design and manufacturing license replacement (enlarge) site assessment work, and get through


In 2014 the company completed the low temperature ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve and other products of TS - A2 (2) the product certification work, completes the TS - A1 (2) high pressure butterfly valve, safety valve, flange product certification work


In 2014 the company obtained the German TUV certificate of fire ball valve, completed the Russian GOST -r forensic work


In 2014 the company completed the national laboratory accreditation (CNAS) forensics and work on the international mutual recognition


In 2014, Company through the provincial high-tech enterprises, through the provincial five-star digital enterprise


In 2014, Company nuclear power valve at the provincial level key laboratory of the projects


In 2014, Company was awarded a prize of nantong quality pacesetter, qidong city mayor quality prize, the third generation of nuclear power plant effective isolation device key technology research and development and industrialization. Third prize for scientific and technological progress

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