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Solve problems, create value for customers is our reason for existence

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Service commitment

In order to better serve customers, ensure their lawful rights and interests, remove their worry and build up its corporate image and brand reputation, the company makes the following service commitments according to “Law of the People's Republic of China on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests”, “After-sales Service Management Standards” and its quality policy:
1.The company organizes production strictly according to the standards of ISO9001 Quality Management System;
2.The company provides necessary technical support for its outgoing products;
3.For products which cannot be used properly within 12 months since the date of delivery due to their manufacturing quality problems under conditions of normal storage, transportation, maintenance and use, the company provides free service;
4.The company timely provides spare products, spare parts, and installation, debugging and maintenance service according to their requirements or protocols signed by both parties, and arranges technical training for related customer personnel;
5.The company gives treatment suggestions within 8 hours upon receiving the feedback quality information of customers, and timely solves quality questions 

Metallurgical Business Department
Tel:86-513-83333938 Fax:86-513-83335998
Nuclear Power Business Department
Tel:86-513-83620088    83620011 Fax:86-513-83620098
Energy Business Department
Tel:0513-83330958 Fax:0513-83335998

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