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Independent three generations of nuclear power technology "hualong" number one trial

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National energy bureau announced yesterday that the nuclear group and in the broad nuclear group independent research and development of "hualong" number one nuclear models recently approved, energy bureau Wu Xinxiong attend panel and witness the nuclear group, CGNPC "hualong, technology integration agreement.


According to understand, "hualong" number one in the nuclear ACP1000 and CGNPC ACPR1000 plus two technology optimization, complete with independent intellectual property rights, has won 743 patents and 104 counts of software copyright, covering the design technology, special design software, operation maintenance technology, fuel technology, satisfies the requirement of nuclear power to go out strategy, "hualong, make full use of the mature system of nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry of our country, the independently developed key equipment and parts, the first demonstration project equipment localization rate is more than 85%, and has a good economy.


For a long time, China's nuclear technology route, has been widely criticized. And CGNPC since 2005, the same in France introduced million kilowatt DuiXing - type M310, on the basis of also in the process of independent research and development, through a number of technical improvements, developed from CPR1000 to CPR1000 + technology, to the final ACPR1000 + technology.


On March 18, 2013, served as national energy bureau Wu Xinxiong. After a month, he put forward the nuclear ACP1000 and wide nuclear ACPR1000 + technology integration of ideas. On April 25, 2013, led by the national energy administration, called the leaders held a meeting specifically, merging the two technology consultation.


Xiamen university, China's energy boqiang Lin, director of the center for economic research said, "hualong" number one whose marks previously fragmented nuclear technology to develop gradually towards unification, favorable domestic nuclear power technology, standards, and to avoid the homogeneity competition, cut the cost of our country in terms of nuclear power technology research and development, will have a profound impact to the development of nuclear power industry in China.


Zhao Chengkun, vice director of China's nuclear power industry association said the review meeting, "hualong" number one demonstration project in fujian fuqing and fangchenggang in guangxi to build two "hualong" number one nuclear power unit.


"General power plant construction period in five to six years or so, although before that also can be popularized to foreign" hualong 1 "technology, but if you are not their own use, foreign generally reluctant to the possibility of using is still relatively low, estimated 'hualong number one commercial may need at least 5 to 6 years, but compared with the previous process will significantly faster." Boqiang Lin said that half of the world's nuclear power market in our country at present, the future "hualong" number one commercial prospects are very broad.

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