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Inland nuclear power taps Guizhou tongren, two nuclear power plants will be built

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The inland nuclear power projects will usher in a new dawn." In the 10th "talkfest clean energy development in guizhou in 2014", CGNPC group deputy general manager Tan Jiansheng said.


The Shanghai newspaper reporter learned that, 10, CGNPC group and guizhou province development and reform commission, bureau of energy investment intention agreement, plans to invest 38 billion yuan in guizhou tongren to build two nuclear power plants, such as construction time is from 2014 to 2014. Tongren plants with a total investment of 35 billion yuan, for two units of 1.25 million mw nuclear power plant, such as in Germany, thinks, jiang county, along the river site selection, site general report has passed the expert review at the moment. Another project for two 100000 kw small pile of nuclear power plant, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, will be in xingyi, zhenning, jade screen location, it is understood that at present the guizhou nuclear small pile of nuclear power project plan has been completed.


Developing nuclear power is an important part of China's energy security strategy, at the same time, the nuclear power industry will also be in the transformation and upgrading of China's economic development and overall pattern plays an important role. In April this year, the state council premier li keqiang in hosting a national energy committee meeting, "timely in the eastern coastal areas key to start a new nuclear power projects." Rapid development of a new round of nuclear power industry in China set the tone. On June 13, President xi jinping in the meeting, the central finance leading group (" with highest international security standards, ensure safe premise, to start a new nuclear power project construction on the east coast." By the evolution of the "timely" to "grab", the central level attitude is clear.


And try to start the inland nuclear power and did not stop. Nearly two years on the national annual, jiangxi, hunan, hubei nuclear power project progress faster central provinces, are submitted to restart relevant Suggestions and proposals for the inland nuclear power projects. Held in March this year, jiangxi province government executive meeting emphasized to "pay close attention to national inland nuclear power policy, follow up and promote penzer nuclear project"; In may, the jiangxi provincial development and reform commission, held a press conference of the long-term development in jiangxi province electric power, put forward "to a launch in 2020 nuclear power unit".


"Guizhou provincial inland provinces, according to the current national nuclear power development policy, nuclear power of project construction may take some time, but enough to do a good job of preparation, will undoubtedly inland nuclear power the smooth start to lay the good foundation for the future." Tan Jiansheng said that the recent national meeting for many times the deployment of China's energy development and innovation work, make the inland nuclear power projects will usher in a new dawn.


According to introducing, as early as 2009, guizhou government has signed with CGNPC "cooperation framework agreement", and has completed the guizhou province nuclear power planning and site selection of large commercial heap and universal suffrage. According to deepen energy cooperation agreement has been signed by both parties in 2013, and completed the planning and site selection of nuclear power commercial small heap and expert review, work plan to complete within the small pile of universal suffrage.


The nuclear industry in China to accelerate, brought huge imaginary space. In accordance with the plan, has to be approved and starts the next seven years around 40 million kilowatts of nuclear power project in order to reach 2020 in the 58 million mw, 30 million mw nuclear power projects under construction goal. In nuclear power plant unit investment of 13000 RMB/kw to calculate, if 50% of installed capacity under construction equipment delivery, the next seven years forecasts for nuclear power equipment will have a total investment of 324.5 billion yuan. If the calculated at 80% localization rate, the total capacity of 306.8 billion yuan domestic nuclear power equipment market, combined with existing scale of this year, the total capacity to 2020 domestic nuclear power equipment market will be more than 380 billion yuan.

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