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"Nuclear power valve key laboratory of jiangsu province construction scheme symposium" held in company smoothly

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On July 27, 2014 afternoon, authorized by department of jiangsu province, nantong technology bureau organization in the jiangsu nuclear power division on the third floor conference room held "nuclear power valve key laboratory of jiangsu province" construction scheme discussion meeting.


Nuclear power valve in jiangsu province key laboratory of relying on jiangsu avatar, according to the need of nuclear power technology development, in the face of the future development of nuclear power valve requirements, focus on the design, manufacture and application of nuclear power valve, etc., to carry out the relevant application base and research in cutting-edge technologies, including the material properties, flow characteristic of nuclear power valve, the online fault diagnosis, nuclear power valve life assessment of key generic technology, to develop a major strategic target products, employed the leading technology of the whole industry, promote the technological progress, industry leading industry development.


Argument experts listened to the laboratory construction project report, investigates the development of the laboratory facilities, reviewed the relevant information. Through questions and discussion, the expert group agreed that the laboratory construction plan scientifically, to determine the laboratory as a high-end valves research and development platform, combined with the national major projects and key technology research, solve the problem of poor reliability of the valve, hope that through active exploration, innovation, enterprise operation mechanism and modes of the construction of laboratory, give full play to the function of laboratory, offer more excellent talents, real play to the role of the laboratory as a research and development platform, to make contribution to our country high valve occupation technical commanding heights.


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