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The company all staff conference

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At the beginning of the New Year, vientiane update. On February 25, 2015, the big NianChuQi, all staff after the lunar New Year holiday break, on time to return to their jobs. Morning, company organization held a staff meeting, mobilization and deployment of company annual production and operation.


The meeting of the company and trade union chairman, deputy party secretary Chen yongsheng presided over by Mr. First of all, from the company President Zhang Yifang lady to all staff report, on the one hand, reviewed 2014 business situation, as well as the 2015 work target tasks and measures for mobilization and deployment, called on all the cadres and workers under the correct leadership of the board of directors of the company, the company's overall goal oriented, strengthening management, cultivating core competitiveness, focus on strengthening learning the advanced experience of benchmarking enterprise and product processing technology, through strengthening skill training, improve staff quality skills, so as to improve the level of product quality, improve the company's core competitiveness! Then, the company nuclear power group, metallurgical group, vice President, respectively, the energy of their respective in charge of the business module for comments.


Finally, chairman of the board of directors of the company Mr Jian-xin wu delivered an important speech, the company's progress and achievements all together with all the staff of hard sweat and unremitting efforts, thanks to all staff in the past year efforts and pay. In 2014, in the fierce market competition, the company has experienced all sorts of difficulties and challenges, the hard-won performance; The New Year, our work is a long way to go, all the cadres and workers closely together, in a more full of enthusiasm, more exuberant spirit, positive enterprising, expand innovation, give full play to the avatar team's fine tradition and working style, continue to make new greater contributions to the steady development for the company!

Company trade union chairman, vice secretary of party committee, Mr Chen yongsheng chaired the meeting


The company President ms Zhang Yifang report


Company vice President Mr Huang Gao Yang speaking, nuclear power


Company vice President Mr YuZhengTao, metallurgy


Company vice President Mr Li-hung chang, energy to speak


Chairman of the board of directors of the company Mr Jian-xin wu delivered an important speech


All the staff listen to leadership

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