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Nuclear power lift national nuclear power to restart the nuclear concept is being made

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The 21st century economic report, on November 4, the national nuclear safety administration held the nuclear subject project will interpret.


Deputy director of the national nuclear safety administration, environmental protection, nuclear safety supervision department Guo Cheng stood interpretation conference pointed out that it is the only nuclear power as a large-scale use of alternative sources of energy, has become the inevitable choice of our country's energy strategy.


Deputy director general of ministry of nuclear safety supervision soup cardiac introduced at a conference in interpretation, the Chinese mainland has been put into operation of nuclear power units, a total of 19 units, have so far not been happened on the international nuclear event scale (INES) level 2 and above running events, has not happened and harm to personnel or the environment pollution caused by the event, the overall safety level in good condition. Organization in the world nuclear operators (WANO) key performance indicators, the operation of nuclear power units in China is generally good at international level, part of the unit has reached the international advanced level, some units at the top.


This year, on the sixth meeting of the leading group of the central finance and economics, xi jinping stressed that general secretary with highest international security standards, ensure safe premise, to start a new nuclear power project construction on the east coast. The soup stroke in interpretation was revealed, countries are nuclear power to restart the plan, is still in consultation.

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