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Nuclear power level four projects will open billions of market

Number of visits: Date:Sep 25,2014

China securities journal reporter understands from authoritative sources, the national development and reform commission has proposed the first four for a total of more than 10 million kw coastal nuclear power project construction arrangement, the shandong rongcheng shidao bay nuclear power plant is expected to become the first to start the new project.


In fact, the news about the nuclear power project examination and approval to open new this year have been out, to be held in June a new national energy committee meeting, coastal nuclear power project is highlighted.


Industry analysis, points out that in the current nuclear comprehensive investment level accounting, investment scale of up to 160 billion yuan for 10 million mw project, this will bring at least 80 billion yuan to the upstream nuclear power equipment manufacturers. In accordance with the relevant plan, by 2020, China's nuclear scale will reach 36 million kilowatts in new projects, nuclear power equipment market scale is expected to move up to 300 billion yuan.


Nuclear power is gradually become a consensus


For a long time, our country with coal as the main body of the energy consumption structure widely criticized, and vigorously develop clean and renewable energy, adjust the structure of energy consumption, to rise to the national strategy. Especially in the past two years to cut coal as the main task of haze governance to be completed, to speed up the pace of clean energy to replace has become the urgent matter.


At present our country has become the size of the clean energy power generation, with water and electricity, nuclear power, wind power and solar photovoltaic power generation. An expert on China's nuclear power industry association, the China securities journal reporter said after recent years of development, wind power and photovoltaic power generation, though growing, but the difficulty of interconnection bottleneck restriction, "wind", "discard" problem is still hard. At present, new energy sources such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation in a less than 5% of the total energy consumption in our country, the alternatives to traditional fossil energy effect and also there is a big gap between the potential demand. How to find more clean energy to replace the coal consumption of the room, make us thinking of the problem.


The experts say, from the current actual situation of domestic energy consumption, "on the basis of security, to develop nuclear power" has gradually become a consensus. Nuclear power, he explained, the outstanding advantages compared with other alternative energy to focus on: the use of nuclear energy resources more stability and sustainability, there is no wind, photovoltaic intermittent, and the seasonal and effects of hydropower ecology; Nuclear fuel economy under the scale factor is superior to other renewable energy sources; For the smooth realization "by 2020 non-fossil energy accounted for 15% of primary energy consumption", in which nuclear power can be half weight, that is that the wind power and photovoltaic power generation.


Since 2011, after Japan's fukushima earthquake, domestic about the biggest question of the development of nuclear power lies in its security. In 2012, nuclear power, medium and long-term national nuclear safety plan and announced after restarting nuclear power development, there are still doubts about how to ensure the security of the nuclear power plant. To this, the experts say, for now, the three generations of fully replace the second generation nuclear power technology has been set, and more than three generations of AP1000 technology and technology, with its safety efficiency will gradually become a major nuclear power technology in the future.


2012 nuclear mid-term and long-term programs also clearly put forward, the third-generation AP1000 technology as China's nuclear power industry development direction. Newly published "nuclear safety plan is put forward, only 2016 years later the third generation technology of nuclear power plant construction, before that only a handful of the second generation of advanced nuclear power plant can be started. "Since 2011, when Japan after the nuclear accident, the domestic about the importance of nuclear power security has been through the entire site selection, construction to late operation process, on the basis of safe efficient nuclear power become the industry consensus." The experts said.


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