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The northeast two nuclear power projects

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Liaoning two nuclear projects when do I start? The answer is given under the state council.


Released yesterday by the Chinese government website of the state council on the recent support opinions on some major policy initiatives of northeast China "(hereinafter referred to as" opinions ") said: optimization of energy structure in northeast China, the construction of liaoning province red river nuclear power phase ii project, timely launch of liaoning xu existed nuclear power projects.


"Opinion" also requires to speed up the construction of power transmission channel, to solve the problem of "nest electricity" in northeast China.


The itu, according to the latest figures at the end of June, the national nuclear power installed capacity of 17.78 million kilowatts, up 21.7% from a year earlier. Output grew by 16.9% year on year, equipment utilization hours 3430 hours, lower compared to the 113 hours.


Among them, the use of hours down the most obvious is the nuclear power units in liaoning. In the first half of the nuclear power units in liaoning hours using fell an average of 1586 hours.


According to the long-term development of nuclear power in China, by 2015 nuclear power installed capacity of 40 million kilowatts, under construction in 18 million kilowatts; In 2020 an installed capacity of 58 million kilowatts, under construction in 30 million kilowatts.


According to the first finance and economics (weibo) daily interview and comb, in addition to the red river is expected to start this year's nuclear power project nuclear power phase ii and xu existed nuclear power projects, there are three phase ii, phase ii of haiyang, lufeng issue, shandong rongcheng CAP1400 demonstration projects and fuqing three period.


Among them, the red river nuclear power phase ii construction two ACPR1000 nuclear power plant, xu existed a phase of the nuclear power project proposed 2 AP1000 nuclear power unit.


In 2010, the red river phase ii project for the national development and reform commission approval to carry out the preliminary work, the same year, feasibility study report approved, planning and construction two mega kilowatt nuclear power unit. At the end of 2013, CGNPC to the environmental protection department shall submit the "red river in liaoning nuclear power plant phase ii project environmental impact report (5, 6 units) (stage).


The national nuclear safety administration also approved in April 8, based on xu existed plant site selection examination opinions. Nuclear power enterprise who told the financial times, according to the process, after get site approval, xu existed plant will enter to submit the review of the state council.


"Opinions" clear, also want to support major technical equipment to expand the market actively, encourage guide the priority of national key projects with domestic equipment, supporting the nuclear power, thermal power, rail transportation, petrochemical, metallurgy, the advantages of the high-grade machine tool equipment.

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